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Welcome to the Healing Mountain Publishing's Resource page, which is divided into four sections:

Articles for the Professional

We hope you find the following articles useful. If you are a professional in the field of natural medicine, please consider contributing an article to our site. This provides mutual benefits to both our visitors and to the contributing author, especially to a clinician looking to break into the field of professional writing. If you have a professional-level article that you would like to contribute, please contact us. We would be happy to review and consider it for our website.

Articles for Laypersons

Below you will find a list of articles that highlight various aspects of natural medicine. Please be aware that none of the information provided in this section or anywhere else on our website is meant to take the place of responsible medical care. The articles in this section are provided for informational purposes only. If you are experiencing a condition or multiple conditions that concern you, we encourage you to seek the assistance of an appropriate medical professional.


This section was designed to offer online resources for clinicians, students, authors, and the general public. Please feel free to offer any suggestions for new resources you would like to see added.

Free Downloads

This section includes NPLEx board study tips, as well as various charts and forms from Dr. Robert's Naturopathic Pediatric Essentials.

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