Eric Yarnell, ND graduated from Bastyr University in 1996. He completed two years of informal residency in botanical and general naturopathic medicine with Silena Heron, ND in Sedona, AZ and has also practiced in Denver, CO, Phoenix, AZ and Seattle, WA. Dr. Yarnell is an associate professor of botanical medicine at Bastyr University and formerly served as chair of botanical medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where he also taught urology/men's health, gastroenterology, and pulmonology. Dr. Yarnell is staff physician at the Bastyr Integrative Oncology Research Center focusing on genitourinary cancer patients. He has a private practice focusing on men's health, urology and nephrology in Seattle. He is also the vice president and co-founder of Heron Botanicals, Inc. in Seattle, WA.

Dr. Yarnell is former senior editor of the Journal of Naturopathic Medicine. He has a regular column in Alternative and Complementary Therapies on clinical application of botanical medicine. He is also author of Natural Approach to Gastroenterology 2nd ed, Naturopathic Urology and Men's Health and Phytochemistry and Pharmacy for Practitioners of Botanical Medicine. He is a co-author of or contributing author to Clinical Botanical Medicine 2nd ed, Textbook of Natural Medicine 3rd ed, Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy 2nd ed, and many other works.