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Naturopathic Clinical Board Review Workbook

by Tracy Magerus, N.D.
Healing Mountain Publishing Inc, © 2014
over 10,000 study questions.
ISBN13: 978-1-933350-73-8
Retail: US $89.95

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The Naturopathic Clinical Board Review Workbook manual, newly updated for 2014, continues to be a valuable resource for board examination review. The question/answer format is an invaluable way to review the specific facts about naturopathic medicine. In addition, this manual contains case-based examination questions that are similar to those on the clinical board examinations.

Publisher Comments:
This book of study questions is an excellent way for naturopathic students to rapidly review their knowledge of the material required for NPLEX II board examination. We recommend using this book in conjunction with the Naturopathic Clinical Board Study Manual, the Naturopathic Clinical Boards Practice Exams, and the Clinical Flashcards. Together, these materials form the best, most complete system of expert tools for passing the NPLEX II boards.

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