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Naturopathic Clinical Boards Practice Exams

by Tara Peyman ND and Amanda Whaley ND
Healing Mountain Publishing Inc, © 2015
515 pp,
ISBN13: 970-1-933350-92-9
Retail: US $117.95

Publisher Comments:
This pivotal manual includes two sample exams for the NPLEX II clinical board examinations. The first sample exam has over 70 cases covering all three days of the exam plus a minor surgery exam, with extensive discussion of the answers. The second practice exam is a complete example of the NPLEX test with just over 90 cases, along with a complete minor surgery exam, to give the future physician as exacting a replica of the test experience as possible. The Naturopathic Clinical Boards Practice Exams manual in continuously being upgraded with input from recent graduates and experienced clinicians. Tips on how to prepare for and take the NPLEX case-based exams are also included.

Study Suggestion:
We recommend using this book in conjunction with the Naturopathic Clinical Board Review Workbook, the Naturopathic Clinical Boards Study Manual, and the Clinical Flashcards. Together, these materials form the best, most comprehensive system for NPLEX II boards preparation.

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