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Naturopathic Clinical Boards Study Guide

by Kathryn Yash, BA, ND
Healing Mountain Publishing Inc, © 2014
990 pp, fully indexed
ISBN-13: 978-1-933350-74-5
Retail: US $131.95

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This omprehensive text covers everything a newly graduated clinician needs to perform well on the demanding NPLEX II clinical board examinations. The manual follows the systemic structure of the case-based examination outlined in the NPLEX blueprint, condensing key concepts and information into a concise overview of each topic. The manual is reviewed annually to incorporate expert feedback, improve efficiency, coordinate with the NPLEX blueprint, and add relevant information.

Publishers Note:
Because NPLEX can change the blueprints for the clinical boards at any time, it is highly recommended that those taking August boards wait to purchase the study manual until the actual year of their test. Since the new manuals typically come out in March, students taking the February boards would also use the manual for the previous August boards.

When to Purchase:
We recommend using this book in conjunction with the Naturopathic Clinical Board Review Workbook, the Naturopathic Clinical Boards Practice Exams, and the Clinical Flashcards. Together, these materials form the best, most complete system of expert tools for passing the NPLEX II boards.

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