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Unlike many other companies, Healing Mountain Publishing was not born in a garage or a kitchen. It was born, appropriately, in a classroom. Its co-founders, Dr. Gary Piscopo, ND, LAc and Dr. Eric Yarnell, ND, RH, found themselves disillusioned with the lack of study materials available to graduating naturopathic physicians and decided to do something about it. While studying for the NPLEx / NABNE Clinical Board examinations, they began to create study materials that simplified and accelerated the task of committing substantial amounts of medical data to memory.

In the ensuing year, they completed this project and produced their first publication – the Naturopathic Clinical Boards Study Manual. At that time, they called their fledging partnership E&G Associates, using the initials of their first names to create their business name. Eventually, Dr. Piscopo and Dr. Yarnell expanded their offerings and decided to incorporate into an actual publishing company. Healing Mountain Publishing now offers a range of study materials and publications, including a number of medical textbooks written from a unified perspective.


"True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing." ~ Socrates


At Healing Mountain Publishing we encourage a diversity of choices within the medical community through creating and disseminating information about natural medicine. Focusing on medical education, we espouse the blending of modern scientific insights with traditional medical understanding in order to deepen each clinician's appreciation of the ecological link between their therapeutic authority and their stewardship of the health of their patients, their community, and their world.

Our Aims:

  • to publish thought-provoking, authoritative materials that fuse the best features of science and medical thought into effective learning tools for students, educators, and clinicians.
  • to establish successful, innovative partnerships with our colleagues in order to assist them in responding decisively to the rapidly changing informational environment of medicine.
  • to be of service to our clients in ways that demonstrate an appreciation of their concerns and result in rapid, customized solutions.
  • to validate the precept of "doctor as teacher" by providing a forum where physicians can express their ideas as authors.
  • to generate an interactive environment within our organization that allows our associates, clients, and staff to have creative input into the editorial process and access to administrators who are respectful of their unique perspectives.
  • to support the growth of natural medicine through the responsible management of informational resources in the interest of achieving a more diversified, sustainable medical system for current and future generations.

Editorial Goals

Healing Mountain Publishing is a progressive medical publisher that was founded to create a centralized nexus for high-quality, scholarly materials designed specifically for natural healthcare professionals. Our publications are designed to address two critical needs within the field of natural medicine, also referred to as Complementary and Alternative medicine (CAM). The first is to provide comprehensive, clinically efficacious information to clinicians. The second is to offer unparalleled educational support to students and educators through our line of exceptional medical textbooks and study materials.

Each year, the bulk of the materials published in connection with natural medicine is oriented towards the lay public. This allocation of editorial resources has resulted in a significant shortage of scientifically-sound, substantive information at the professional level. The shortage resulting from this orientation negatively impacts both CAM providers and providers of conventional medicine looking for quality sources of CAM information.

Healing Mountain Publishing was established to address the informational void that currently exists for clinicians, clinicians-in-training, and educators in the field of natural healthcare. As natural medicine evolves, there is a growing need for reference, teaching, and clinical materials geared specifically to CAM professionals. Our texts, authored by experts in the field of natural medicine, each make a unique contribution to the ongoing dialogue that is shaping medicine. Major themes in our books include the relevance of traditional medical viewpoints, the validity of an ecological perspective, the reality of medicine as an empirical practice tempered by scientific inquiry, and the importance of understanding the behavioral, environmental, and psychosocial factors that influence health care choices.

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